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Matching Jobs helps your child learn while having fun. It is an educational game by Tots Publishing that helps kids aged 3-6 years learn the names of different jobs and the vehicles or tools each profession uses and where they work.

Your little ones will learn by matching each of the occupations with their respective vehicles, places of work as well as the tools they use. Some of the jobs included in this entertaining and educational application are policeman, fire fighter, soldier, bus driver and many more.

In each pack, the kids will drag the occupation represented by a character to their correct pairing - either the vehicle, work place or tool of trade. For example, the bus driver drives a bus, the policeman uses the handcuffs, the fireman goes to the fire station and many more.

The captivating background music, cheerful narration and colorful illustrations will help enhance the overall experience. Key learning words are highlighted in blue to help them in recognizing the words. What appears as a fun game is actually stimulating your kids’ learning ability.

  • Simple, clean, easy-to-use and kid-friendly interface
  • Includes 3 popular jobs for free download with 23 more jobs to be unlocked in each of the 3 packs.
  • Drag to match the jobs to its pairing with a simple motion
  • When a pairing is correct, both words (highlighted in blue will be used in a sentence to help the child recognizes the words and remembers the connection.
  • Easy slider for quick and fun selection of the jobs to play
  • Choice of background music to suit your child’s mood
  • In-app purchase options - Vehicles Pack, Work Places Pack and Tools of Trades Pack at only USD 0.99 each.

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