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Animal Puzzle is an educational game that helps kids aged 3-6 years learn about animals from different parts of the world through jigsaw puzzles. They can learn about well-known animals such as zebras, elephants, rhinoceroses and bats as well as more unique ones like lemurs, meerkats, gazelles and red pandas.

In the new version the animals are categorised into African and Asian regions. There are a total of 31 animals for your child to explore. This app has simple and intuitive controls to ensure that there will be more time for gameplay and less time spent on figuring out the controls.

The captivating background music, cheerful narration and colourful illustrations will help enhance the overall experience. This app is equipped with 3 difficulties to ensure that it is easy for toddlers and yet challenging enough for older children.

  • * 31 unique animals (15 from Africa and 16 from Asia)
  • * 3 difficulties to choose from: Easy (6 pcs), Normal (12pcs), Hard (24pcs)
  • * In-App purchase options ( $0.99 to unlock both Asia & Africa Animals)